Patient Testimonials




Ok to everyone who has ever had Back, Neck,Shoulder, Hip, Pelvis and Etc. McClaskey Chiropractic is the place to be. I have never had to go to the Chiro Before, but do to a car accident; this would be the first time. Im Loving it! I have had my pain decrease rapidly, I have never felt straighter. Dr McClaskey and staff are GREAT!!! In the future if there might ever be an issue with (Anything) I will return (Happily)


Major Complaint: Neck and Headaches

Symptoms: Really bad headaches, stiff neck, and bad shoulder.

I came to this office because I had whiplash from a car accident and could barely move my neck, my head hurt really bad my I could even move my shoulder. After just one week of visits (3x a week) I was able to bend and move my neck with minimal pain and I could also use my shoulder again. My headaches didn't quite go away yet and my regular M.D. doctor told me I was going to have to take some prescription drugs but instead I told the chiropractor they were getting worse and what the M.D's wanted to do and he recommended his electric acupuncture. Within two weeks I had no more headaches or any pain, I continued with my care for about 4 months and all the pain from the car accident was gone and I did not need to take any medicine.
I also brought my 4 week old with me to get treated because she was in the car with me when the accident happened, and was not sleeping well and her legs wouldn't bend to the full extent anymore. My daughter got adjusted 8 times and now she sleeps three the night and moves he body once again with no problem.